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The Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

People believe in some weird shit. Eben Byers, for example, was a 20th century steel mogul who regularly drank a radioactive “medicine” called Radithor because he thought it was good for him. It wasn’t. He died of multiple radiation related cancers. Or as the Wall Street Journal put it: “The Radium Water Worked Fine Until His Jaw Came Off” (source) On the other side of…

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The Carver Matrix: How to Prioritize Like a Pro

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to grow your business, lose weight, or improve your productivity, if you work on the wrong thing at the wrong time you won’t get any results. The questions then becomes: How do you effectively prioritize all the possible activities? Well, turns out there’s a neat system for that. Enter the carver matrix. The carver matrix was invented by the…

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