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A Beginner’s Guide to Using ChatGPT to Speed up Your Workflow

New technology is often met with skepticism. For example: Up until a few years ago, people claimed AI will never be able to replace artists. Now, you can write down a simple prompt and you can get stunning results. Want an image of a cat wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket, and holding a radio, cyberpunk style? Here you go. Took around 60 seconds for Midjourney…

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How Quickmail can Increase Website Conversions and get More Qualified Leads

Quickmail is a tool that allows you to send cold emails and have automated follow-ups. In this post, I’ll go over a few ways their team can improve their website’s performance and attract more of their target audience (lead gen agencies) 1. Improving the messaging on the homepage to make it stand out from its competitors If we compare the hero section of Quickmail to…

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Why Trying to Think Outside The Box is a Waste of Time (+ what to do instead)

Done right, ideas have the power to change the world. Just look at the iPhone. Before it was invented, flip phones were all the rage and you had to navigate around using a keypad. After the iPhone, touchscreens and swiping became the norm. But coming up with groundbreaking ideas isn’t easy. You don’t get great ideas by sitting in a stuffy conference room and telling…

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